web server for static and dynamic pages developement in C++
libnavajo Directory Reference


file  DynamicPage.hh [code]
 Dynamic page définition (abstract class)
file  DynamicRepository.hh [code]
 Handles dynamic web repository.
file  HttpRequest.hh [code]
 The Http Request Parameters class.
file  HttpResponse.hh [code]
 The Http Response Parameters class.
file  HttpSession.hh [code]
 The Http Sessions Manager class.
file  IpAddress.hh [code]
 Ip Address (V4 and V6) class definition.
file  LocalRepository.hh [code]
 Handles local web repository.
file  LogFile.hh [code]
 Write log messages to a file.
file  LogOutput.hh [code]
 Generic log output (abstract class)
file  LogRecorder.hh [code]
 Log Manager class.
file  LogStdOutput.hh [code]
 write log messages to standart output
file  LogSyslog.hh [code]
 write log messages to syslog
file  nvjGzip.h [code]
 zip compression's facilities
file  nvjSocket.h [code]
 posix socket's facilities
file  nvjThread.h [code]
 thread's facilities
file  PrecompiledRepository.hh [code]
 Handles a precompiled web repository.
file  WebRepository.hh [code]
 Web Repository handler (abstract class)
file  WebServer.hh [code]
file  WebSocket.hh [code]
 The Http WebSocket class.
file  WebSocketClient.hh [code]
 The WebSocket Client class.
file  zlibPatchOldVersion.h [code]
 functions inflateSetDictionary and inflateGetDictionary for versions older than 1.8