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LogRecorder Class Reference

#include <LogRecorder.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void setDebugMode (bool d=true)
void addLogOutput (LogOutput *)
void removeLogOutputs ()
void append (const NvjLogSeverity &l, const std::string &msg, const std::string &details="")
void appendUniq (const NvjLogSeverity &l, const std::string &msg, const std::string &details="")
void initUniq ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LogRecordergetInstance ()
static void freeInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 LogRecorder ()
 ~LogRecorder ()
std::string getDateStr ()

Protected Attributes

std::list< LogOutput * > logOutputsList_

Static Protected Attributes

static LogRecordertheLogRecorder = NULL

Detailed Description

LogRecorder - generic class to handle log trace

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LogRecorder::LogRecorder ( )

LogRecorder - base constructor

LogRecorder::~LogRecorder ( )

~LogRecorder - destructor

Member Function Documentation

void LogRecorder::addLogOutput ( LogOutput output)

addLogOutput - ajout d'une sortie LogOutput oł imprimer les logs

void LogRecorder::append ( const NvjLogSeverity &  l,
const std::string &  m,
const std::string &  details = "" 

append - append an entry to the LogRecorder

l- type of entry
m- message
static void LogRecorder::freeInstance ( )

freeInstance - free the static logRecorder object

std::string LogRecorder::getDateStr ( )

getDateStr - return a string with the formatted date

string - formatted date
static LogRecorder* LogRecorder::getInstance ( )

getInstance - return/create a static logRecorder object

theLogRecorder - static log recorder
void LogRecorder::removeLogOutputs ( )

removeLogOutputs - supprime toutes les sorties LogOutput

Member Data Documentation

LogRecorder * LogRecorder::theLogRecorder = NULL

LogRecorder - static and unique log recorder object

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