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HttpSession Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void setSessionLifeTime (const time_t sec)
static time_t getSessionLifeTime ()
static void create (std::string &id)
static void updateExpiration (const std::string &id)
static void noExpiration (const std::string &id)
static void removeExpiredSession ()
static void removeAllSession ()
static bool find (const std::string &id)
static void remove (const std::string &sid)
static void setObjectAttribute (const std::string &sid, const std::string &name, SessionAttributeObject *sessionAttributeObject)
static void setAttribute (const std::string &sid, const std::string &name, void *value)
static SessionAttributeObjectgetObjectAttribute (const std::string &sid, const std::string &name)
static void * getAttribute (const std::string &sid, const std::string &name)
static void removeAllAttribute (std::map< std::string, SessionAttribute > *attributesMap)
static void removeAttribute (const std::string &sid, const std::string &name)
static std::vector< std::string > getAttributeNames (const std::string &sid)
static void printAll ()

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